This community commits to opposing the misinformation spewed forth by science-deniers, moon-hoaxers, flat-earthers and the rest of the tinfoil hat wearing crowd.
We do so to prevent those who may not have had the benefit of exposure to science from being led down a dark path filled with conspiracy theories and unfounded assertions.
In doing so, it is imperative that we hold ourselves to a higher standard by observing the following code of conduct:
1) Engage rather than argue
Approach your target in a friendly, questioning way. In the best case scenario, your target may begin to question his/her firmly held beliefs. If not, your target’s responses can do more to destroy his/her wild assertions than you ever could by insult and argument.
2) LISTEN to what the other person is saying
We want the person to seriously consider what we are saying. We must give them the same courtesy.
Even if they appear closed-minded and unwilling to accept what we tell them, the fact remains that at some point in the future we will all misphrase, misconstrue or be outright wrong about one of our points.
If this should occur, and the person brings it up, it is best to admit that we were in error on that specific point, and move on.
Further, the person may actually be correct on a specific point, but the point in question may or may not justify their larger assertion. An example might be a climate-change denier making references to the glacier growth in the Antarctic while ignoring other pertinent data from the rest of the globe.
Failing to acknowledge the accuracy of a valid statement will make us appear as closed-minded as the worst of the tinfoil-hat wearing crowd.
3} Try to provide facts, references and citations whenever possible
Citations demonstrate that we are not just expressing opinions. The word ‘opinion’ is misused almost as often as the word ‘theory’.
You may encounter the old ‘But everyone is entitled to their own opinion!’ line.
Whether kiwis are better than strawberries is an opinion; that the Earth is an oblate spheroid is not.
4) NEVER use indecent language, racial slurs and bullying
It’s easy to get frustrated when confronted with illogical repetitive rantings, but keep in mind that what we say can be used against us.
Some of the individuals we will encounter may be well aware that they are dead wrong, but make money from their particular conspiracy pitch through Patreon, PayPal or some other method
These people will be highly motivated to silence us by any means at their disposal. Google, as well as other providers and forums, are very sensitive to anything that can be construed as ‘hate speech’, and often take swift action against individuals or groups that are accused of using it.
Giving our targets the ability to silence us is just plain unwise.

Our cause is just; let us hope we do some small good for the world before we’re done.

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