Woo Peddler of the Month

Feel like your body is functioning too well?
Does your blood pressure seem to be stuck at boring old normal?
Do you wish you could get medical advice from an untrained, utterly unscientific source?
Well, Jilly Juice might just be for you!
With enough salt to make even Lot’s wife jealous and the stated benefit of EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA (seriously), how can you resist?
Heard enough? Want to get in on this latest (anti)health craze? Just click HERE!*
*Anyone even remotely familiar with us won’t be surprised where this link takes you.

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Pat Robertson Prays Away Deadly Storm

This is why we struggle to promote rational thought.

Pat Robertson is praying away Hurricane Florence.

Suppose people of faith decide that Pat’s incantation will protect them and choose to remain in the path of impending disaster. Needless suffering and possible loss of lives may be the result.

Is Pat making a wager here?

Surely, if weather patterns cause the massive storm to divert, his followers will become even more devoted. But if not…

July 28 Movie Night LIVE! – Water is an ELEMENT???

This week’s episode:

Quote mining Buzz Aldrin, water is an element.

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Source Videos:

Buzz COMES CLEAN About Moon Landing!! (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE) | FLAT EARTH PROOF 3 pt2 by Feed Your Mind https://youtu.be/JcUSabtJftc

Electrolysis of Water Debunked – Water Is NOT Hydrogen & Oxygen (H2O) by Peter and Pete https://youtu.be/LbuBBP6ujZk