July 28 Movie Night LIVE! – Water is an ELEMENT???

This week’s episode:

Quote mining Buzz Aldrin, water is an element.

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Source Videos:

Buzz COMES CLEAN About Moon Landing!! (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE) | FLAT EARTH PROOF 3 pt2 by Feed Your Mind https://youtu.be/JcUSabtJftc

Electrolysis of Water Debunked – Water Is NOT Hydrogen & Oxygen (H2O) by Peter and Pete https://youtu.be/LbuBBP6ujZk

Apparently Aliens are REAL, and they’re DEMONS!

Well, we did it… Two of the team actually went to separate theaters to see the one-night-only showing of “Alien Intrusion”, a creationist film by Creation Ministries International insisting that not only are aliens visiting us, but that they’re also demons.
I’m not joking. Demons.
Here’s our lighthearted review of the cinematic masterpiece.


Is Genesis History… Science???

On February 23rd, I reluctantly attended the showing of a creationist film called “Is Genesis History?”

Since that time, a series of videos have been produced by Paulogia and SSF/SDHoS to refute just about every anti-science claim made in the film.

Here’s the intro to the series:

The entire playlist can be found HERE.