Apparently Aliens are REAL, and they’re DEMONS!

Well, we did it… Two of the team actually went to separate theaters to see the one-night-only showing of “Alien Intrusion”, a creationist film by Creation Ministries International insisting that not only are aliens visiting us, but that they’re also demons.
I’m not joking. Demons.
Here’s our lighthearted review of the cinematic masterpiece.


Is Genesis History… Science???

On February 23rd, I reluctantly attended the showing of a creationist film called “Is Genesis History?”

Since that time, a series of videos have been produced by Paulogia and SSF/SDHoS to refute just about every anti-science claim made in the film.

Here’s the intro to the series:

The entire playlist can be found HERE.


Is Genesis History?

On February 23rd, I reluctantly attended the showing of a film called “Is Genesis History?”

IS GENESIS HISTORY? is a comprehensive documentary featuring creationist scientists and scholars looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. From rock layers to fossils to lions to stars, this film attempts to challenge and change the way you see the world.

I scribbled wildly in my notebook to keep up with all the unsupported assertions.

Now, Paulogia and I (SciStrike) have teamed up to refute just about every alleged point made in the film. Be sure to subscribe to both channels to catch every episode! Read more Is Genesis History?

Star Trek’s Q (John de Lancie) speaks at Reason Rally

John_de_Lancie_casualOn a hot, humid Saturday in Washington DC, John de Lancie expressed his views on the negative effects of religious indoctrination on science.

His thought-provoking presentation did include some heartbreaking points, though. His story about students at a college he had visited should fill you with dread for the future of our nation.

Science Denier Hall of Shame would like to remind you, however, that it’s not too late! Learn all you can about real science and teach your children to do the same. All is not lost; it’s ours to lose.


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