Are the Crew Members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Still Alive? No.

challengerThe following conspiracy theory was brought to our attention by Adam Pittman, and we thank him for doing so.

“In 1986, the crew of the Challenger was supposedly killed when their shuttle exploded. Recently, people that looked identical to the crew have been found to still be alive. Not only do they look identical, but a they either have the exact same name, or are said to be the identical twin of the crew member that was killed. Richard Scobee even has a facebook page and is CEO of Cows in Trees. If you could check into his schooling that is listed on his Facebook perhaps call the school and see if they indeed had him as a student etc. His high school and college are listed on his Facebook. Thanks”

The modified group photo of the astronauts shown has been making the rounds on social media with increasing frequency of late. Read more Are the Crew Members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Still Alive? No.

The Firmament Above the Flat Earth

Subject: The Firmament
The video starts with a few minutes of Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It’s all downhill from there.
A short clip from Under the Dome, then this little gem: Scientists discover a ‘Star Trek-like’ shield above the earth that blocks killer electrons.’ The Firmament, I guess?
Nope. What the voice refers to is an analogy (albeit a poor one) of earth’s magnetic field.
Then, a nice Genesis quote, followed by some moon landing denial. We’ll cover the moon-hoaxers in another post.
‘Under the Dome’ clip… Geez, for a video that was just claiming NASA used CGI…
A few rocket disasters are thrown in, then the shocking observation that ‘now rockets don’t go straight up’. Newsflash: They never did. Rockets achieving orbit (or reaching escape velocity to leave the earth entirely) have always arched away from the launch point, countering gravity with angular momentum as they accelerated.
A Hillary Clinton speech is included because it contained the word ‘ceiling’ several times. Odd, that.
The video closes with the old moon-hoaxer favorite, the fluttering flag on the moon. No mention of it being moved by the astronauts in a low-gravity, near frictionless environment… I wonder why?
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9-11 Was an Inside Job (Again)

Jeranism (again)
Subject: 9-11 was an inside job (Still? Seriously?)
Essentially, the premise is that a global conspiracy, with enough planning and execution skills to control, well, everything, still habitually ‘slips’ and lets the cat out of the bag at every opportunity.
Since Bill Clinton misspoke one word, there we have it: reality may be suspended.
To round it out, he of course must mention briefly the other hoaxes, like evolution, age of the earth, etc. Not sure what that has to do with the premise, but there we are.
Jeranism must be running out of topics to have to pull the old ‘9-11 was an inside job’ story out of mothballs.

Reader’s Request from Andrew Dean: Chemtrails

Science Denier Hall of Shame's photo.

Request from Andrew Dean: “Chemtrails, please for the love of Cthulhu debunk chemtrails and silence the chemtards.”
Thanks, Andrew. This is actually a great example of a conspiracy theory with absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever.

Synopsis: Here is a quote from an article by Michael Allen over at Vice ( ) that describes the ‘theory’:
“The chemtrails conspiracy theory has been circulating for a while among the same sorts of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job and celebrities are being controlled by the CIA. In brief, chemtrail enthusiasts think that those white trails of vapor you see pouring out of planes are actually nasty chemical or biological agents that governments are using to geo-engineer the weather, create a vast electromagnetic super-weapon, control the population, or—well, you get the idea. There’s no science or proof whatsoever behind this, but plenty of people are still willing to entertain this vaguely supervillain-esque notion.”

Analysis: I’ll start with a layman-level rebuttal. A common reason given as to why these cannot possibly be just vapor trails is ‘They don’t dissipate! They MUST be some evil chemical!’
If that’s the case, the shadow-forces aren’t doing a very good job of getting these ‘chemicals’ into the atmosphere. How are they going to have any effect on anything if they just stay all clumped together?
What are they? Aircraft fuel is composed of hydrocarbons, which produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. Contrails are formed when these hot exhaust gases mix with cold air. Just like cloud formation, the water freezes, forming microscopic ice crystals which is really just an elongated cloud.
Science Denier Hall of Shame's photo.Need evidence that it’s really just engine exhaust? Look at the pictures. It would appear that a two engine plane produces two contrails, and a four engine plane produces four.Science Denier Hall of Shame's photo.

So, are there ANY ‘real’ chemtrails? Well, oddly enough, yes, of a sort, but most of them are very boring ones that you probably already know about.
• Cloud Seeding: This is a method of dropping either silver iodide or dry ice in order to attempt to cause rain in an area that may need it. Nothing nefarious here.
• Crop Dusting: Got any bugs in your corn? No? This example of ‘chemtrails’ may have helped you.
• Sky Writing: Oil smoke generated in a small plane used primarily for entertainment or advertising. Again, hard to find anything evil going on with this one.
• Tracers: These are gasses released in the upper atmosphere that are used to map the movements of our upper atmosphere. Vapors released most commonly include tri-methyl aluminum, lithium and barium. Although these substances may sound scary, keep in mind that the amounts released are small. Further, even releasing large amounts of these materials at high altitude would have about as much effect on our biosphere as spilling your drink.

Thanks to Andrew Dean for requesting this one!
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Reader’s Request from Ismael Valdez: 9-11, WTC7 and BBC?

Unless there was prior knowledge WTC7 would collapse?”
Thanks, Ismael, for submitting this great example of one of the longest lasting topics of a 9/11 conspiracy theory.
Long after the various other elements of the ‘theory’ had begun to quiet down (due to actual facts being available), the believers continue to trot out the ‘What about the BBC report predicting the collapse of WTC7?’ chant.
I have included this video that demonstrates a credible account of this event.
Anyone who subscribes to this particular conspiracy theory should ask themselves the following question:
Which is more probable?
Scenario 1: As described in the video, a combination of officials announcing the impending collapse of WTC7 combined with the confusion of the day plus the natural desire of news agencies to be first to report a significant event
Scenario 2: A ‘secret’ plot that must remain ‘secret’ at all cost was in fact revealed to news agencies and their reporters, editors and anchors (who are just ordinary people, like you and me) in the hope that they’d know just how long to keep their mouths shut on each particular event
I’ll give you a hint: Pick scenario 1.
Interested in the cause of the collapse?
Here’s a nice download:
Structure Magazine explains one probable cause of the WTC 7 collapse. “Single Point of Failure: How the Loss of One Column May Have Led to the Collapse of WTC 7”…/200…/SF-WTC7-Gilsanz-Nov07.pdf
Thanks again for the submission!
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– Jeff