July 28 Movie Night LIVE! – Water is an ELEMENT???

This week’s episode:

Quote mining Buzz Aldrin, water is an element.

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Source Videos:

Buzz COMES CLEAN About Moon Landing!! (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE) | FLAT EARTH PROOF 3 pt2 by Feed Your Mind https://youtu.be/JcUSabtJftc

Electrolysis of Water Debunked – Water Is NOT Hydrogen & Oxygen (H2O) by Peter and Pete https://youtu.be/LbuBBP6ujZk

Of Course Rockets Work In Space, Flat-Earther!

fosFlat-Earthers have a fixed set of unfounded assertions they cycle through when confronting the rational. One of the most used is the ‘Rockets can’t work in space because there is no air for them to push agains!’ claim.

The following video will help you respond to them in a clear, concise way. There are even TWO experiments you can have them try out themselves, so they know you’re not just spewing illuminati-NASA-reptoid disinformation.

Read more Of Course Rockets Work In Space, Flat-Earther!

Return of Flat Out Stupid: SpaceX Edition

fosRemember ‘Russianvids’? He was the fellow that tried to disprove a spherical Earth by pouring water on a tomato. If you haven’t seen that glorious display of ignorance, you can see it HERE.

Well, he’s at it again. This time, he attempts to demonstrate that SpaceX is deceiving us. Buster the Pug is not convinced.

Not in the slightest. Read more Return of Flat Out Stupid: SpaceX Edition