Reader’s Request from David Paul – “Hollow earth.”

Synopsis: Basically one idea behind a hollow earth is that there is a massively empty earth populated by giants or dragons and various other types of foreign life. Another less popular idea suggests that there is actually another fully formed Sun underground as there is above at the center of our solar system and under this sun there seems to be another fully formed earth with its own life forms radically different than the ones above ground. Although those 3 ideas seem to be less popular among the community they all do seem to agree that the earth is hollow with 2 massive holes at the north and south poles.

Rebuttal: Having considered the evidence, let me explain to you all why this cannot be. The earth has a molten rock layer called the mantle. And underneath that is the outer core and finally the inner core of our earth, therefore it is a safe bet that any life that is suspected to live within the mantle is dead. The mantle basically is a slow cooker. Slowly, over many years, churning rock. This movement causes the rocks that have cooled above (the crust) to move. We call these tectonic plates. Over certain parts of the crust exist volcanos. A volcano is for all intents and purposes a direct connection to the mantle. When a combination of gases, pressure and heat build under these Volcanos, they erupt the same as if you’ve shaken a soda bottle. If the earth were hollow as claimed above then there would be no volcanos (and no cool eruptions like this ““).

Another proof that the earth is not hollow, as mentioned earlier there exist tectonic plates. They move over and under one another. When they don’t pass around one another quite-s-smoothly and earth quake happens. These earthquakes are a direct result of tectonic plate movement which is a direct result of the earths mantle, slowly churning the molten rock therein.

Thanks to David Paul for bringing this to our attention!
I genuinely had no idea this idea even existed. More details coming soon!