The Top 5 Biggest Threats To Science Under the Trump Reich

The Top 5 Biggest Threats To Science Under the Trump Reich

by Guest Author Siserough

The Republican party has widely been considered anti-science for years, due mostly to their collective denial of climate change, large contingent of fundamental Christian Creationists, and hostility to progressive ideology.  On January, 20th, however, the country was taken over by someone far more dangerous than the average Republican party member.  Donald Trump is possibly the most explicitly anti-science president the nation has ever had.  I have already written about Trump’s possible use of Alex Jones’ InfoWars as a news source, but his science denial has already translated into real policy that affects the entire country and world.  So I have ranked (by my own criteria) the top 5 threats to science by the Trump Administration. Read more The Top 5 Biggest Threats To Science Under the Trump Reich

Science Strike Force Rep to Attend Launch

UPDATE 10/11/2016

Launch has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 16 due to unfavorable weather. SSF/SDHoS coverage of the event will begin on Saturday, October 15.

More information: Click HERE.

A representative of Science Denier Hall of Shame/Science Strike Force will be attending a NASA Social event for the launch of Orbital ATK Antares Rocket at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

“NASA commercial cargo provider Orbital ATK is scheduled to launch its sixth mission to the International Space Station at 9:13 p.m. EDT Thursday, Oct. 13.”

– NASA (More information on the launch can be found here on NASA’s website.)

Coverage of the event will start on Wednesday, October 12th.

What is the NASA Social program?651351main_nasasociallogo
NASA Social is a program to provide opportunities for NASA’s social media followers to learn and share information about NASA’s missions, people, and programs. NASA Social is the next evolution in the agency’s social media efforts. Formerly called NASA Tweetup, NASA Social program includes both special in-person events and social media credentials for individuals who share the news in a significant way. This program has brought thousands of people together for unique social media experiences of exploration and discovery.

-NASA website (More information on this program HERE.)

Please join us for live updates and video feed throughout and following the event on Facebook ( SDHoS Facebook Page ), Twitter ( ), Instagram ( ), Periscope ( @Woo_Debunker ) and G+ ( Science Denier Hall of Shame Community ).



Watch as NASA Test-Fires the RS-25 Rocket Engine

NASA test-fired an RS-25 rocket engine today, 08/18/2016, at the Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis in Mississippi. The RS-25 is one of four modified space shuttle main engines that will help lift the huge SLS rocket off the ground assisted by two solid rocket boosters.*

The RS-25 engines are fueled by liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. Combined, the four RS-25 engines on SLS will generate 2 million pounds of thrust.

Click HERE to watch a test of the solid rocket booster.


Of Course Rockets Work In Space, Flat-Earther!

fosFlat-Earthers have a fixed set of unfounded assertions they cycle through when confronting the rational. One of the most used is the ‘Rockets can’t work in space because there is no air for them to push agains!’ claim.

The following video will help you respond to them in a clear, concise way. There are even TWO experiments you can have them try out themselves, so they know you’re not just spewing illuminati-NASA-reptoid disinformation.

Read more Of Course Rockets Work In Space, Flat-Earther!