Apparently Aliens are REAL, and they’re DEMONS!

Well, we did it… Two of the team actually went to separate theaters to see the one-night-only showing of “Alien Intrusion”, a creationist film by Creation Ministries International insisting that not only are aliens visiting us, but that they’re also demons.
I’m not joking. Demons.
Here’s our lighthearted review of the cinematic masterpiece.


Giant UFO Refueling at the Sun?

'More raucous behavior by our star'Video by Secureteam10 Debunked
Subject: Aliens refueling at the Sun
Synopsis: An unseen object, which is repeatedly referred to as a SEEN object, is described as ‘sucking off plasma’ to refuel. (Note: plasma is not an energy source. It’s just what happens to matter when it’s heated to the point that its electrons ‘boil off’.)
The narrator dismisses claims by ‘the NASA trolls’ that these common events are, well, what they are.
Plasma arches are commonly observed on the surface of the sun, as are CMEs (coronal mass ejections).
Both are caused by disturbances in the sun’s electromagnetic field.
Before anyone asks, no, these disturbances are not caused by aliens either. Keep in mind that the sun is a vast fusion reactor without the benefit of a set of superconducting containment coils. Some degree of chaos is to be expected when the only containment comes from the effects of gravity.

So, as usual, I’ll ask the usual Occam’s Razor question:
Which is the conclusion that requires the fewest unconfirmed assumptions?
1) Plasma (not an energy source) is being drained from our sun by an alien craft which is hundreds of times the size of earth but which we’ve never seen (and invisible, let’s not forget that little gem)
2) The effects seen in the video were examples of a combination of plasma arches (historically observed and documented) and possibly a coronal mass ejection (historically observed and documented).

Logic and reason dictate that we go with option 2, even though that narrator’s ‘science friends’ disagree.

Honestly, I’m surprised that the narrator didn’t come out with ‘Aliens refueling at the sun! Illuminati connection to Sunoco???’

As always, thanks for reading.
– Jeff