Request from Joe Carrier: Flat earth

Science Denier Hall of Shame's photo.… (no better representation of flat earth, than flat earth home base? Amirite?)

Analysis: it seems that those who believe in flat earth do for 1 of 2 reasons. Either the bible says the earth is flat or they see a flat horizon and postulate reasons how this is possible.
How tiny does one have to be to see a flat horizon on a baseball? Incredibly tiny. The size of the earth is in the order of several magnitudes higher than we are. Here’s a quick example. The average height of an adult male is around 5.6 ft. the total area of where I live (Seattle WA) is 83 miles. now just on this scale (human as compared to 1 city) you immediately begin to see how small a human being is. And why everything seems so flat is that we are simply too close to the subject (Earth) to notice any change but maybe we’ll see it over say…a state?. But how small is a human as comparative to my home state of Washington? 71,362 mi². Recall a human is only about 5.6 feet tall. Even if we climbed atop the highest point in WA we cannot see any curvature by looking down back at the ground. But we will begin to see a nice flat horizon. Why? This is the point at which the land is literally no longer in view in front of us, yet, due to the size of the earth, the curvature at each end of our field of view would take up less than one pixel on a high-definition TV. The size and curve of the earth has essentially…duped us. It’s a really big optical illusion that some minds falls for. Others don’t. (A quick rundown on how horizons work.… )

While I am not here to slam anyone’s religion, I must tackle the 2 points seen in my research of the subject. So please, let’s stay civil.
Job 9:6 and 38:4 both mention the earth being set upon pillars and house a foundation upon which is set on the pillars. Isiah 11:12 mentions the earth having 4 corners. The picture the bible is painting is that the earth is set upon 4 or more pillars. On each corner of the earth there are pillars to hold it up. (Maybe one in the middle. This is never addressed). Simply searching for pictures of the Earth from space on google completely dismiss this notion (…/article-2572080-1BFF77CF00000578…)

The 2nd point is just ignorance basic scientific principals stacked on top of one another. Proposed flat-earth solutions definitely satisfy the aspect of the world they address, and only that one aspect. If we were to ever factor in 2 or more aspects that do actually happen around the 1st then the 1st instance breaks down and no longer satisfies what we see.

An example: A flat earth believer says that the reason time zones exist is because of a “spotlight” style of sun. where the suns light hits certain areas like a spotlight while others have night. Or morning. One could say “Ahh! Well the earth is flat right? Why can’t I simply look up and night and see the sun giving light to another part of the world” and there would be a serious problem for the 1st statement if the earth were flat.

More on flat-earthers coming soon!

Thank you, Joe Carrier. I’ve known about this one for a while but I never really laid into it.


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