SDHoS Attends Fundraiser for The Jeremy Fund

FB_IMG_1467171110955Tonight we are not debunking anything. This will come as a surprise to our regular readers, since we normally spend our time refuting the claims of flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists, science deniers and such.

On Tuesday, June 28th, two representatives from Science Denier Hall of Shame attended a pasta dinner fundraiser for The Jeremy Fund.

I would urge all of our readers to take a look at their About Us page to get a full understanding of what they do, and why they do it.

According to their web site, this organization exists for the following purpose:

The Jeremy Fund was founded in Loving Memory of D. Jeremy Remboski, Jr. Through your donations and the money we raise from our fundraisers we are able to help the families of children in the oncology department at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and their satellite facilities, Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Cancer Center in New Brunswick and Sloan Kettering in New York City. We pay the bills directly to the companies, with the hope that it will allow families to be with their child while undergoing treatment for cancer.

The event was a tremendous success, as it has been in each of its 19 annual iterations.

Come meet the SDHoS crew there next year!



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    • I believe an entirely new post for this year’s event would be in order!
      I’ll commence writing immediately!

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