Of Course Rockets Work In Space, Flat-Earther!

fosFlat-Earthers have a fixed set of unfounded assertions they cycle through when confronting the rational. One of the most used is the ‘Rockets can’t work in space because there is no air for them to push agains!’ claim.

The following video will help you respond to them in a clear, concise way. There are even TWO experiments you can have them try out themselves, so they know you’re not just spewing illuminati-NASA-reptoid disinformation.

If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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5 comments on “Of Course Rockets Work In Space, Flat-Earther!

  1. Wow! What a charming fellow! I think he just woke up, has the flu, and is stoned, but hey, at least his mustache is smooth.
    Another example, since he looks like a member of ISIS, is the recoil of a gun. Would he say the bullet is pushing against the air, forcing the rifle butt into his shoulder? Recoil is based on the mass and speed of the bullet, right? Not how pointy or blunt the tip of the bullet is (how much air it pushes against).

    • Yes, that, plus the hot gasses & particulates from the powder burn that are also accelerated forward. Creepy Fellow in the video is having trouble with good ol’ ‘F=MA’, I think.

  2. Just an idea….. how about the following.

    A large vacuum bell with a balloon inside it, with some sort of release mechanism that lets go of the balloon and so we can see the action/reaction motion take place in the vacuum – space like conditions.

    How easy/hard would that be to pull off?


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