Video Response to Questions Posed by Flat-Earther Jeranism

YouTuber and flat-earther Jeranism posted a video requesting that someone explain, politely, a few things about gravity and the Sun-Moon-Earth relationship.

The following video is our attempt to respond to his questions.

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The original video by Jeranism can be seen HERE.

2 comments on “Video Response to Questions Posed by Flat-Earther Jeranism

  1. only issue I see with the final segment here is that you did not bring in the size of the sun . . . otherwise, nicely done.

    • I’ve had commenters chirp on me ‘cuz I wouldn’t hire a candidate who couldn’t tell the difference ‘tween “less than” and &#;820;fewerࢭ&#82308I’ve interviewed Grade 8 dropouts who have described the difference.I’ve interviewed college grajooits who couldn’t organize their next ten minutes let alone the week I expect them to.The normal curve continues to show half  below the mean.It doesn’t take much to prove you’re on the right side of the curve.Shit, if you’re on the left side, a little proper attention will get you over the mean!

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