The Ebola Virus is Another False Flag to Bring Down America by Fear (Not)


Here’s an interesting one that’s appearing on various conspiracy sites around the web. Here’s the basic point, as described on ‘The Conspiracy Zone‘.

Here we go again America. Another false flag campaign designed to pass more laws to take away your freedoms and establish a New World Order. This time, it’s the dreaded “Ebola virus.” This is just another “swine flu” hoax but most people don’t seem to be catching on. This is yet another lie using crisis actors to try and fool the American public into thinking there is yet another “threat” we need protection from. The government is always trying to pass more and more laws to take away our freedoms so they are always trying to create some tragedy to justify the continual erosion of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Since there are no assertions of fact to refute, as is often the case with these ‘false flag’ allegations, all we can do is weigh the relative probability of each statement, accusation or innuendo.

“(1)Another false flag campaign designed to (2)pass more laws to take away your freedoms and establish a (3)New World Order”

  1. This sentence packs quite a lot of unsupported claims. First, the phrase ‘another false flag’ indicates that this kind of thing has happened before. It’s also an attempt to set the tone and lend credibility the rest of the sentence. Almost all the sentences use this format. It’s a cheap writer’s trick.
  2. Take away freedoms? If there were some shadowy cabal run by huge corporations, the last thing they would want is to is to disturb the delicate work-earn-buy cycle of the average citizen since it is from this cycle that profits are made. Such a group, if they existed, would want things just as they are now, where we all buy much more than we need, and usually on credit.
  3. New World Order? Conspiracy theorists love that term, but it never seems to have a definition attached.

We won’t analyze each sentence in the quote above because, if you look at the structure, they all match the that of the one we just picked apart. That structure is:

(this has happened before)+(one or more assertions without evidence) and optionally (a warning of dire consequences)

If we step back, we notice that even the paragraph starts out the same way. ‘Here we go again’ is another attempt to assign credibility to the rest of the paragraph by strongly implying that this happens all the time.

This particular conspiracy theory is completely lacking in evidence and tries to make up for it with alarmist phrasing that can be amazingly persuasive to anyone that presupposes shadowy government motives.

The probability of this theory being in any way founded in reality is near zero, especially considering that just about every tragedy that occurs is awarded the ‘False Flag’ badge by people of this sort.

Again, since they make no testable assertions, all we are left with is determining whether such a scenario is likely. The full article is linked above. We invite you to vote on how credible you think it is, using the same analytical technique we walked through above. What do you think?

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