Penn Jillette and Carolina Peña at Reason Rally

penn and carolinaSaturday, June 4th, Penn Jillette introduced Carolina Peña, a former contestant on ‘Equador’s Got Talent’ on the main stage at Reason Rally in Washington DC.

Carolina was berated by three of the four judges, not for her singing abilities or overall talent, but for lacking a belief in any gods. She was told that, basically, without God, she could have no talent.

The fourth judge quite rightly stated that religious beliefs (or lack thereof) and talent are unrelated.

The three judges who used religion as their primary method of judgement were fired as a result.

The two sing a song called ‘We have no martyrs, we have no saints’, written by Mr. Jillette, in honor of Christopher Hitchens, who passed away December 15, 2011.

Click HERE to see how Carolina was reprimanded for her honesty in November of 2015.

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