Reader’s Request: Gravity Discussion

GPB_circling_earthReader’s request from peterthemasterfoiler:

“Not conspiracy merely theory or misunderstanding. I was taught gravity was mass pulling against mass. My hypothesis is that it is the electrons pulling at the protons of the other object even though they are already bonded.”

Thanks peterthemasterfoiler, we’ll do our best to explain it!

My name is Arianna and I’m going to be the one answering your request.

Let’s get right down to it hmm? First and foremost your hypothesis is, simply put, wrong.

Electrons do not behave that way. Electrons are negatively charged and orbit the nucleus of an atom, which is composed of only protons, which have a positive charge, and neutrons. This balances the net charge of the atom to zero. 

The electrons can rise and fall when excited and when that energy is spent. Additionally various combinations of atoms are able to “trade away” their electrons to complete their outer most ring. This combination of atoms gives us all the variety of things we see around us like water, salt, even oxygen (2 oxygen atoms coming together). Electrons are well understood subatomic particles and have demonstrated no “pulling”
capabilities, other than its negative charge, which is normally balanced by the positive charge of the nucleus it orbits. Under normal circumstances, this leaves the whole atom with no electrical attractive force whatsoever.

On to gravity, what is it? How does it work? Well for starters, gravity is one of four forces constantly at work in the universe. Compared to the other forces in the universe gravity is rather weak. But what IS it? Gravity is the bending of spacetime. To illustrate, imagine a plastic wrap stretched tight over bowl and now imagine an orange in the middle of the wrap, this will represent our sun. that physical bending of the wrap IS the gravity well the sun exerts over the entire solar system. Now imagine I’ve set a small blue marble anywhere on the wrap, that is earth. Notice that while the suns gravity well is enourmous, the earth still affects spacetime to its own degree therefore creating its own gravity well and everything caught within it will be drawn towards the earth. Now expand that model to the universe and all the stars and planets…and there ya go, gravity at work.

Fun facts: the lastest hypothesis on exactly how gravity exists on the quantum level involves a proposed new subatomic particle, the graviton. I’ll leave this end up for your own finding =) have a nice day!

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