The Firmament Above the Flat Earth

Subject: The Firmament
The video starts with a few minutes of Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It’s all downhill from there.
A short clip from Under the Dome, then this little gem: Scientists discover a ‘Star Trek-like’ shield above the earth that blocks killer electrons.’ The Firmament, I guess?
Nope. What the voice refers to is an analogy (albeit a poor one) of earth’s magnetic field.
Then, a nice Genesis quote, followed by some moon landing denial. We’ll cover the moon-hoaxers in another post.
‘Under the Dome’ clip… Geez, for a video that was just claiming NASA used CGI…
A few rocket disasters are thrown in, then the shocking observation that ‘now rockets don’t go straight up’. Newsflash: They never did. Rockets achieving orbit (or reaching escape velocity to leave the earth entirely) have always arched away from the launch point, countering gravity with angular momentum as they accelerated.
A Hillary Clinton speech is included because it contained the word ‘ceiling’ several times. Odd, that.
The video closes with the old moon-hoaxer favorite, the fluttering flag on the moon. No mention of it being moved by the astronauts in a low-gravity, near frictionless environment… I wonder why?
Thanks for reading.