Reader’s Request: Gravity Discussion

GPB_circling_earthReader’s request from peterthemasterfoiler:

“Not conspiracy merely theory or misunderstanding. I was taught gravity was mass pulling against mass. My hypothesis is that it is the electrons pulling at the protons of the other object even though they are already bonded.”

Thanks peterthemasterfoiler, we’ll do our best to explain it!

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Reader’s Request: Nibiru, the Phantom Planet, Coming to Destroy Us?

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Lance Oleviri made the following request:

I would love to see an in depth discussion about Nibiru. So many people truly believe in this bunk, phantom planet, and trying to convince people, with science, is frustrating. I think you would do a great job.

We’ll do our best, Lance.

Nibiru: Mythical Planet of Doom

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Reader’s Request: Flat Earth ‘Facts’

An anonymous reader sent in the following:

“Flat earth. …no curvature is seen in high altitude balloon footage. ..the coriolis effect is a myth, no scientific experiments ever proven the spins ,no real pictures of earth from space. the moon landings were faked …people have taken pictures of objects from 60 plus miles away. ..I can go on but I would like you guys to do the research and see for yourself”

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