Homeopathy Huckster of the Month: Dana Ullman, MPH CCH


This article was updated on 03/20/2016

Dana Ullman, MPH CCH, maintains a web site titled ‘Homeopathic Educational Services'[1] for the sale of homeopathic ‘remedies’. It is an educational site in much the same way that amazon.com is an educational site. It states:

Why our site is trustworthy AND worthy of your business and support!

Our owner is Dana Ullman, MPH, who TIME magazine described as “the Leading Proselytizer of Homeopathy” and ABC News touted as “Homeopathy’s Foremost Spokesman.” Dana has devoted his life to homeopathy. He regularly speaks at leading medical schools and universities. He has authored 10 books and authored chapters on homeopathy in 3 leading medical textbooks. Dana authors an exceedingly popular column at the HuffingtonPost.

So, being a proselytizer and a spokesman qualifies one to be an educator. Who knew?

UPDATE! 03/20/2016 Apparently Honesty is Not a Priority!

Take a look at the tweet put out by Dana Ullman, MPH CCH, below.

Notice that the tweet refers to a leading medical journal. This definitely caught our eye, because we have a hard time finding any peer-reviewed papers whatsoever in support of homeopathy in ‘leading medical journals’

Of course, thinking ‘This could be big!’we dutifully followed the link to see what all this was about.


As it turns out, the ‘leading medical journal’ was, in fact, the ‘Benefits and Pension Monitor’; a Canadian publication dealing with exactly what the title implies: Benefits and pensions. Here’s how they describe themselves:

Serving the industry since 1991, Benefits and Pensions Monitor is Canada’s leading publication reaching plan sponsors in Canada’s pensions and benefits market.

As of publication date, the original tweet has not been deleted. lie

Click on the photo above to view the full-size image. (Arrow has been added by SDHoS for clarity) This is just one more example of how some homeopathy practitioners will use distortion or outright dishonesty to portray their ‘woo’ as actual medicine. It isn’t.

homeopathyDana Ullman, MPH CCH, once penned an article for The Huffington Post called Disinformation on Homeopathy: Two Leading Sources[2] in which it is implied that the two sources were in fact James Randi (photo right) and Tracey Brown, Director of Sense About Science He states:

“Please know that this review and critique of Mr. Randi and Ms. Brown is not an ad hominem attack on these two individuals.”

This is immediately followed up with the ad hominems.

James Randi, Magician Extraordinaire and Master of Deception

Tracey Brown: Science Educator or Big Pharma PR Agent?

For more information on these two individuals of impeccable repute, please visit the James Randi Educational Foundation and Sense About Science.

According to the article, Dana Ullman, MPH CCH, was once offered the opportunity to demonstrate the non-woo properties of homeopathy.

Mark Golden, a producer for John Stossel and ABC’s “20/20” program, asked me to participate in a merging of “reality television” and “science.” He asked if there was a laboratory experiment that could be conducted to prove that homeopathic medicines had biological activity (or not)

Dana Ullman, MPH CCH, objected strenuously to the protocols of the experiment.

When Professor Ennis was ultimately sent the protocol, she was shocked at what she received. This protocol was not her experiment (Ennis, 2004). In fact, it was clearly a study that was a set-up to disprove homeopathy.

Welcome to the scientific method, Dana Ullman, MPH CCH. In testing a hypothesis, one does not set up an experiment to prove that it is valid. One attempts to falsify the hypothesis. Any researcher knows this. And they practice this for one very good reason.

If you do not attempt to falsify your own hypothesis, many other researchers in your field will do it for you.

We’re very sorry that the scientific method is not to your liking, Dana Ullman, MPH CCH.

So, what about these letters after the name?

What’s an MPH?

This is not a medical qualification, but a qualification to become an administrator.

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a graduate-level program that emphasizes the practical aspects of public health. This type of program is designed to prepare students for their role in promoting community awareness about injury, violence prevention, communicable diseases and other issues that affect health and safety. Since research is not usually a primary focus in most MPH programs, students desiring careers as professors or researchers of public health should pursue a Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree.[3]

And CCH?

CCH: Certified in Classical Homeopathy
By: the Council for Homeopathic Certification
Available to all professionals[4]

Learn more about Dana Ullman, MPH CCH

Why does any of this matter? Because some very good people are being swayed toward homeopathic ‘treatments’ and away from medical treatment that could help them. We strongly disapprove. 

[1] Woo Homeopathic Education Services

[2] Disinformation on Homeopathy: Two Leading Sources

[3] What is a MPH Degree?

[4] What is a CCH certification?

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